The StrengthsMentor
RISE Sessions /

with Lisa Ferguson

Assess, embrace, and invest in your strengths. Leading with your strengths, develop a new business strategy. RISE up! to your full potential.

9am to 5pm

Lisa Ferguson

Attend these full-day,
transformative sessions
Groups of six to ten

Discover, and embrace, your personal strengths.

Learn to leverage this new knowledge to decrease stress and increase joy.

Build a roadmap to overcome your personal roadblocks.

Restructure your daily tasks through the filter of your strengths.

Explore new business models, strategies and revenue streams that play to your strengths and target marketplace opportunities.

Create a detailed strategic plan to play to your strengths and increase your profitability.

Learn to communicate to clients and vendors: what you bring, what you need, and what you value.

Develop a team with complementary strengths.

Practice team exercises to learn how strategic collaborations can change everything.

Customize implementation and accountability strategies to carry forward.


Reach Your Full Potential

After your assessment, and prior to your onsite sessions, we exchange a detailed email questionaire to learn about your specific needs. Then, at your StrengthsMentor RISE Sessions, we spend a full day together. We lead you through developing a new personal business strategy—based upon your unique strengths, roadblocks and goals. We help you develop implementation and accountability strategies for continuing upward movement. We connect you with peers who have complimentary strengths, for ongoing support.


The StrengthsFinder® Tool,
The StrengthsMentor RISE Sessions

Prior to your onsite sessions, we assess your individual strengths using Gallup’s StrengthsFinder® tool—in which we are professionally trained. This assessment is based on 50+ years of research and leadership development science. Nearly 10 million people have used this tool to discover what they do best.


Lisa Ferguson founded Lisa Ferguson Interior Design fourteen years ago out of her lifelong passion for the art of interior design. Building upon her previous 12 years of business experience in sales, marketing and product design, Lisa established a thriving design practice, quickly becoming recognized as an industry leader by both her peers and the media, with features in Style at Home, The National Post and a cover for luxury living magazine The Address.

Despite all of her success, Lisa knew something was missing and that greater joy and profitability were possible. She became passionately committed to not only understanding this for herself, but also inspiring, empowering and equipping others to reach their full potential and thrive in their design businesses. This commitment led Lisa to become a fully trained Gallup Strengths Finder® coach. Through this powerful tool, Lisa gained transformational insights on how to restructure her own business to operate strategically in her strengths while increasing her profits, and she has gone on to help countless others do the same.

It’s a completely transformational process — understanding one’s strengths and following a business strategy based upon that knowledge. Lisa wants to share that discovery process with others. It’s as simple as that.

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How High Can You Rise?

Attend these hands-on, experiential sessions for
greater clarity, profitability and freedom.

Let's talk! Inquire about availability $14,500 USD
for group of 6-10

Prior to Rise Sessions
Why wait to start embracing and leveraging your strengths? We will send you three great strategies to get you started right away!

Rise Session Optional Bonus
Attend a dutch dinner after your RISE Sessions,
to start building support with peers who have complimentary strengths.

Claim your highest potential. Contact us to book your group StrengthsMentor Rise Sessions. Onward and upward!

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